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Welcome to The Fertility Clinic at Spring Mountains Acupuncture Las Vegas 
Thank you for trusting me with your fertility concerns. I look forward to working with you to restore balance in your life, and improve your ability to conceive.
Acupuncture and Chinese herbs offer a safe treatment alternative to Western infertility treatments. Acupuncture is the only known modality that can actually change the body’s ability to produce and regulate hormones. Standing alone, it can help increase your fertility. If you choose to undergo Western fertility treatments, acupuncture can significantly increase IVF success rates. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can treat problems leading to infertility, such as PCOS, poor egg quality, poor sperm quality, menstrual irregularities, premature ovarian failure and other fertility issues, with fewer side effects or complications than Western methods.
Acupuncture and herbs do not work like conventional fertility treatments: they do not “force” the body to do anything, nor do they override the body’s natural reactions. Acupuncture and herbs are gentler; they work with the body, using the body’s own wisdom and healing power. As a result, it might take several treatments before you notice any difference. The benefit of this gentle, whole body approach is that you will feel better all over. Treatments will address your specific imbalances, and they will strengthen and nourish all of you. You will feel more energized, more settled, and more like yourself: and your health translates into increased fertility. That is the power of Chinese medicine: ALL of you feels better, not just the fertility issue!
Acupuncture for fertility helps you get healthy, conceive, and have a healthy pregnancy. Remember that the goal isn’t just to get pregnant: it’s to have a healthy baby, too! I think of myself as a healthy fertility and pregnancy counselor. Acupuncture is really only one piece of the puzzle. I am here to guide you through the lifestyle changes and give you acupuncture treatments that will make you healthy and increase the possibility of a successful conception AND pregnancy. The more you are willing to make changes to create a healthy environment within yourself, the more likely you will conceive and have a successful pregnancy.
I look forward to working with you as your healthy fertility and pregnancy counselor. Acupuncture can address the underlying imbalances that are preventing conception, and increase your health and well being, as well as improve the likelihood that you will get pregnant.
Please call me at (702) 539-9185 to schedule an appointment today.
Together, we can create a path to improve your chances at getting pregnant and starting your family.
Lisa Mathews, OMD
Dipl. Oriental Medicine (Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs)
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